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School of the Physical Sciences

Institute Member
Deputy Director of Education Dr J.H. Gwynne (Chair)
Director of Education Dr D.A. Longbottom
School Office J. Heritage (Acting Secretary)
School Office
Dr V. Gruar
School Office
Dr X. Montiel
Department of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics Dr M. Tehranchi
Department of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics Prof. H. Wilton
Institute of Astronomy Prof. C. Tout
Department of Chemistry Dr W.P. Nolan
Department of Earth Sciences Dr. A.C. Copley
Department of Geography
Prof. A. Jeffrey
Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy Dr J.H. Gwynne
Department of Physics Prof. U.W. Schneider
SBS/SPS Leanne Wilson
School Undergraduate Student Representative A. Jain
School Undergraduate Student Representative Vacant
EDI Representative Dr H.D. Allen
School of Technology Dr P. J. Barrie (Observer)
School of the Biological Sciences Dr A.M. Fulton (Observer)

Last Updated: 21 November 2023