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School of the Physical Sciences


In this section you will find information on vacancies in the School of the Physical Sciences as well as funding opportunities.


Vacancies in the School of the Physical Sciences

There are no vacancies within the School Office at present.  

For vacancies in the School more widely, please see here.


Funding Opportunities

Herchel Smith Award

The Herchel Smith Fellowship and PhD Studentship Scheme offer awards across the physical and biological sciences.

For more information about the schemes, please click here.


The Ernest Oppenheimer Fund

Applications are closed for the Ernest Oppenheimer Fund


Travel Fund


Selection Committee Memberships

Under University procedures, we will publish here the membership of Selection Committees for senior academic posts. 



Department: Physics

Position: University Lectureship in Experimental Astrophysics

Selection Committee Members:

  • Prof. Andy Parker (Chair)
  • Prof. Nigel Peake
  • Prof. Didier Queloz
  • Prof. Cathie Clarke
  • Prof. John Sutherland
  • Dr Oliver Shorttle
  • Dr David Buscher
  • Ms Sam Stokes (Secretary)




Department: DPMMS

Position: Professorship (G11)/Readership

Selection Committee Members:

  • Prof. James Norris (Chair, DPMMS)
  • Prof. Richard Samworth (Director of the Statistical Laboratory)
  • Prof. Ioannis Kontoyiannis
  • Prof. Richard Nickl
  • Prof. John Aston
  • Prof. Rajen Shah
  • Dr Po-Ling Loh
  • Dr Nilanjana Datta (DAMTP, Reader)
  • Dr Vivien Gruar (Secretary)



Department: Earth Sciences


Assistant Professor in Climate Modelling

Selection Committee Members:

  • Prof. Louise Sime (BAS)
  • Prof. John Taylor (DAMTP)
  • Prof. Rich Harrison
  • Prof. Marie Edmonds
  • Prof. David Hodell
  • Prof. Sasha Turchyn
  • Prof. Jerome Neufeld
  • Mrs Emma Chapman (Secretary)