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School of the Physical Sciences


The School Office is a small administrative team which co-ordinates the work of the School and supports its governance. The academic Head of the School is Professor Nigel Peake, who is also Professor of DAMTP.

The Secretary of the School, Jim Bellingham, heads the School Office and is the key point of contact for all administrative matters within the School and is in turn supported by a small team of staff.

The School Office hosts the administrative team which supports the Degree Committees for the Faculties of Physics and Chemistry and Earth Sciences and Geography.

Position Name Email Telephone Description of role
Head of the School Prof. Nigel Peake (7)61408

Responsibility for academic and overall leadership of the School, and the use of its resources.

PA to the Head of School Ms Adeline Nicol

(3)37915 (DAMTP)

(7)65420 (MSM)

Provides administrative Support to the Head of School.

Director of Education Dr Deborah Longbottom


 (7)61409 (School Office)

(3)36388 (Chemistry)

Supports the leadership of the School as Director of Education.
Deputy Director of Education Dr Jess Gwynne



Supports the Director of Education.
Deputy Director of Education Dr Oliver Shorttle



Supports the Director of Education.
Secretary of the School

Dr Jim Bellingham




Overall administrative leadership of the School Office, with particular responsibilities for: the Needs Committee; Academic appointments; Estates and Capital issues and IT. 

Deputy Secretary of the School

Ms Becky Ramshaw



Responsibility for Council of the School, Undergraduate and Graduate Education Committees, Human Resources projects, School Office Admin. Team and non academic staff post permissions.

Finance Manager Mrs Susan Wright (7)67137

Supports financially-informed decision-making and planning within the School and helps to ensure that Financial Regulations and other policies and procedures are implemented and maintained at Departmental level.

Senior Finance Advisor

Mr Joel Brand


Supports and provides advice to Departments on financial matters, accounting processes and procedures and issues relating to the use and management of UFS, and provides a link with Finance Division.

Degree Committee Senior Administrator Ms Sarah Briggs (7)46766

Secretary to the Degree Committees for the Faculties of Physics & Chemistry and Earth Sciences & Geography and heads the joint Degree Committees Office.

Degree Committee Administrator Mr Nigel Jackson (7)46764

Day to day running of the joint office for the Degree Committees of the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry and the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Geography.

Team Manager

Ms Georgina Fuller


Provides office management for the School Office and leads the Admin Support Team on: Admin support to Officers and the Degree Committee Team, Committee Administration (including the Oppenheimer Committee), permissions to fill (post) requests and requests for information to the School Office.

Education Development Project Manager Dr Xavier Montiel


Responsible for the development and expansion of education programmes across the School of the Physical Sciences and other partner Schools.

Education and Grants Administrator Ms Jo Heritage


Responsibility for: Administration of graduate funds managed by the School Office, grants management, NPIF/DTP Management Committee, Undergraduate and Graduate Education Committees.

Office Support Administrator Mrs Susan Meah (7)66927

Administrative support for the School Office, including the Degree Committee Office, Senior Academic Promotions (Faculties of Physics and Chemistry and Earth Sciences and Geography) and general School Office admin. duties.

HR Business Manager Ms Louise Akroyd (7)65821 Lead HR Adviser for the School on strategic change, significant HR projects, specialist employment law advice and complex employee relations cases.

HR Adviser

Ms Kaitlin Birrell (7)65544 Advises on short/medium term operational and employee relations issues, policy and procedural queries and HR management information.

HR Administrators

(7)60170 Deliver central HR administrative processes, e.g. sabbatical leave, senior academic promotions, additional payments, redundancy/fixed term contracts and retirement.

Senior Associate Director, Physical Sciences

Development and Alumni Relations

Mr Josh Bowerman

(7)60146 (CUDAR)

(7)46765 (School Office)

Secures philanthropic investment for the Departments of the School.

Associate Director, Physical Sciences

Development and Alumni Relations

Ms Meaghan Annear




Secures philanthropic investment for the Departments of the School, focusing on DAMTP,DPMMS, INI, IOA and Geography.

Associate Director, Physical Sciences

Development and Alumni Relations

Ms Jasmine Aslan




Secures philanthropic investment for the Departments of the School, focusing on Chemistry, Materials Science and Earth Science.

Assistant Director, Physical Sciences 

Research Operations Office


Mr Philip Cull (7)64795

Supports the School and its constituent departments in the submission, administration and negotiation of research grants and contracts, and is responsible for the Physical Sciences team within the Research Operations Office. Works with the School to respond to changes and challenges in the research funding landscape.