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Committees and Meetings

Meeting table - Committees and meetings overview

The governing body of the School of the Physical Sciences is the Council of the School (CSPS), which is chaired by the Head of the School and meets twice a term.  The arrangements for this body are set out in Statutes and Ordinances

In practice, much of the business of the School is conducted through Committees of the Council, which are organised and supported by members of the School Office team.

Needs Committee – This is the most important Committee after the Council of the School.  It is essentially the Head of School and Heads of Department and undertakes the detailed management of resources in the School.


Other formally constituted Committees are:

Undergraduate Education Committee

Graduate Education Committee

IT Committee

Ethics Committee

Equality and Diversity Forum


Other meetings held by the School office include:

Departmental Administrators Meetings

Human Resources Forum Meetings


Further details for each committee are set out on the associated pages.  Some may require Raven access.