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The School Office

The School Office is a small administrative team which co-ordinates the work of the School and supports its governance.

The academic Head of the School is Professor Rob Kennicutt, who is also Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy. Dr Noel Rutter supports the leadership of the School as Director of Education.

Administratively, the School Office is led by Dr Jim Bellingham, as School Secretary, and by Mrs Susan Wright as Finance Manager. The School is also supported by an HR team, and by a team in the Research Operations Office, shared with the School of Technology.

The School Office hosts the administrative team which supports the Degree Committees for the Faculties of Physics and Chemistry and Earth Sciences and Geography.

Contact details for all members of the School Office are given below.




Head of the School


Rob Kennicutt

Head of the School:Prof Robert Kennicutt
Phone number: 01223 (7)61408
  Email address:





Director of Education



                          Director of Education:           Dr Noel Rutter
                 Phone number:         01223 (7)62965
                 Email address:



Secretary of the School


Jim Bellingham

Secretary of the School:Dr Jim Bellingham
Phone number: 01223 (3)34199
Email address:




Deputy Secretary of the School and Secretary of the Graduate School


Kusam Leal 2

Deputy Secretary:Ms Kusam Leal 
Phone number:       01223 (7)46773
Email address:




Finance Manager


Mrs Susan Wright - SPS Finance Manager

Finance Manager:Mrs Susan Wright
Phone number:           01223 (7)67137
Email address:




Finance Adviser


Mr Joel Brand - SPS Finance Adviser

Finance Adviser:Mr Joel Brand
             Phone number:            01223 (3)30582
             Email address:  



Degree Committees Administration


Dr Laurie Friday - Senior Degree Committee Administrator

Degree Committee Senior Administrator:Dr Laurie Friday
Phone number:            01223 (7)46766
Email address:




Degree Committee Administrator:Ms Magda Bergman
Phone number:           01223 (7)46764
Email address:



Office Manager



Office Manager:Mrs Andrea Turrell
Phone number:          01223 (3)34197
Email address:




School Office Administrator



School Office Administrator:Mrs Khatereh Zavareh
Phone number:      01223 (7)46403
Email address:




HR Contacts


 HR Business Manager:Ms Andrea Hudson
Phone number:           01223 (7)46775
Email address:



Research Office Contacts



Assistant Director -
Physical Sciences & Technology

Mrs Liesbeth Krul
Phone number:           01223 (7)65118
Email address: